About Andrews Positive Change Projects

We are a Texas-based limited liability company formed in 2007 for the purpose of supporting positive change on a nation-wide basis. Our field personnel are all degreed professionals. Our client base includes banks, non-bank businesses, and consumers. By providing positive support, we empower businesses and individuals to become more efficient, effective, and prosperous. We leverage the American free enterprise system:

  • To support the break out of “boundary” thinking … while providing continuity and avoidance of “clutter” via Planning.

  • To identify direction and purpose … while alerting those affected to previous, current, or impending change.

  • To promote interest and commitment … while facilitating focus.

  • To encourage openness to unique and creative solutions … while building confidence in the Process.

  • To secure loyalty through interactive involvement (ownership) … which results in efficiency, effectiveness, and prosperity as defined by the client, whether business or consumer.

We have a uniquely-designed system of processes to ensure that each applicant receives the most efficient and effective service for the costs incurred. Our services are fee-based and intangible. We do not sell products but provide management and consumer consulting in a variety of realms to businesses and individuals.

To find out more information please contact us or click on any topic above for details of specific sector offerings.

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