Everybody has some “project” on the list of “TO-DOs” that is old or new but, nevertheless, is there. Frequently, you’d pay somebody to do it. Not because you can’t do it yourself but because, for one reason or another, you either cannot get to it or do not want to face it. But where do you go for objective help with that special, customized, one-shot situation?


Frequently, personal or family stress can be related to operational deficiencies which are clogging decision-making and/or functional effectiveness. A personal or family operational audit can surface areas where change can help relieve stress, foster better interpersonal relationships, provide more time for relaxation, and/or general life balance improvements. Where can you go for a confidential assessment of your operational practices to help you identify and prioritize areas needing improvement and to serve as an objective “sounding board” for evaluating positive change approaches?


ANDREWS POSITIVE CHANGE PROJECTS, LLC, is here to help you get this project off your list. No matter how small the project, we specialize in helping you resolve the matter so that it is no longer hovering over your head.

Contact us and we will work to either solve the problem for you directly or otherwise help you develop a satisfactory plan of action. Whatever your issue, it cannot hurt to inquire. We initiate, facilitate, implement, manage, monitor, and/or follow-up on every aspect of a Change Project, large or small, confidential or otherwise.

Contact us for an overview of your needs and a preliminary assessment of ways we can assist.

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